190 investors seek Nakalema’s intervention due to extortion

Col Edith Nakalema


  • Col Edith Nakalema, leading the State House Investors Protection Unit (SH-IPU), reported 189 investor complaints, with local investors citing unfair taxation, while foreign investors faced fraud and bribery issues. SH-IPU, established by President Museveni, coordinates investigations and supports a friendly dispute resolution approach.

The State House Investors Protection Unit (SH-IPU), led by Col Edith Nakalema, has received complaints from at least 189 investors who expressed various frustrations in their interactions with government agencies and ministries. In a meeting with communication officers from different government ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs) in Kampala, Col Nakalema revealed that local investors accounted for a higher number of complaints compared to their foreign counterparts since the establishment of SH-IPU in September of the previous year.

Col Nakalema disclosed, “We received 189 complaints, with 96 originating from local investors and the remainder from foreign investors. These complaints were forwarded to investigative agencies such as the Inspectorate of Government and State House Anti-Corruption Unit. Simultaneously, we initiated engagements with the relevant MDAs to address the concerns raised.”

Local investors primarily raised issues related to unfair taxation and the high cost of doing business in Uganda, while foreign investors faced challenges such as fraud, diversion from the airport by fraudsters resulting in the loss of resources, bribery, use of false documents, and delayed decision-making by officials from various MDAs.

Established by President Museveni to foster a corruption-free investment environment, SH-IPU coordinates investigations of investor-related complaints, collaborates with all investment stakeholders, and supports a friendly dispute resolution approach. Col Nakalema highlighted positive responses from government agencies, such as the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and the Ministry of Finance, which have sensitized local investors about their rights and available government benefits.

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Regarding foreign investors, MDAs like the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) have taken action. Col Nakalema introduced the SH-IP Electronic Investors Protection Portal (EIPP) to government communicators, emphasizing its role in helping investors overcome challenges by providing prior information. The EIPP aids in due diligence, preventing investors from falling victim to fraudsters.

Communication officers from URA and UIA expressed how SH-IPU has assisted in combating fraud. Mr. Ibrahim Bbosa, URA spokesperson, mentioned improvements in processes and digital services to facilitate access to information for investors. Mr. David Rupiny, UIA spokesperson, highlighted streamlined processes to ensure diligent service to investors.

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