Bugisu Cooperative Union Sets Record Price of UGX 9000 per Kilogram for Parchment Coffee

Nathan Nandala Mafabi, the Chairperson of the Bugisu Cooperative Union, has unveiled a groundbreaking price of 9000 Ugandan shillings per kilogram for parchment coffee. This remarkable increase highlights the union’s unwavering commitment to supporting its members and upholding stringent quality standards throughout the coffee production process. Nandala Mafabi’s announcement marks a pivotal moment for the Bugisu Cooperative Union as it establishes a new benchmark in Arabica coffee pricing.

The decision to institute a price of 9000 Ugandan shillings per kilogram underscores the union’s dedication to acknowledging and rewarding the hard work of local farmers. The Chairperson emphasized the pivotal role of quality standards in determining coffee prices on the global stage. Whether it’s the cultivation stage in the fields or the processing phase within the union, adhering to rigorous quality practices is of paramount importance. Nandala Mafabi’s message reflects a commitment to not merely meet but surpass international quality expectations, ensuring that Bugisu coffee stands out in the fiercely competitive global market.

The primary objective behind this record-setting price is to provide substantial support to local farmers affiliated with the Bugisu Cooperative Union. By offering a premium for their produce, the union aims to empower farmers economically, recognizing their indispensable role in the coffee supply chain. Nandala Mafabi’s assurance that previously stored coffee remains in impeccable condition underscores the union’s dedication to the well-being of its members.

Addressing Outstanding Balances:

Nandala Mafabi acknowledges the financial challenges faced by some farmers and has pledged to secure funds for the prompt settlement of outstanding balances. This proactive approach demonstrates the union’s accountability and commitment to ensuring that its members receive fair and timely compensation.

Global Market Challenges:

This announcement comes at a time when multinational corporations are purchasing coffee at lower prices, typically ranging between 6000 to 7000 Ugandan shillings. The Bugisu Cooperative Union’s decision to establish a significantly higher price represents a bold initiative to challenge prevailing market trends and ensure that local farmers are equitably rewarded for their exceptional produce.

Long-Term Impact:

The unprecedented action taken by the Bugisu Cooperative Union is poised to have a lasting influence on the coffee industry in the region. By introducing a record price, the union not only elevates the economic status of its farmers but also serves as a catalyst for a paradigm shift in how agricultural labor is valued and compensated.

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