Buliisa Landlords at a Loss as Oil Workers Reside in Camps

Workers at a section of the Tilenga Industrial Park where the Central Processing Facility will be constructed in Kasenyi, Buliisa district.


  • Landlords in Buliisa, Uganda, are experiencing financial losses as oil workers reside in camps rather than renting local accommodations, leading to vacant properties and decreased business revenue.

BULIISA, (Examiner) – Traders and landlords in Buliisa, Uganda, are facing financial setbacks as their properties sit vacant due to oil workers residing in camps. The revelation emerged during an engagement session with officials from the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) and local traders. Over 700 accommodation rooms remain unoccupied, causing landlords to incur losses and impacting local businesses’ revenue.

Mr. Cuthbert Kyahurwa, Chairman of Buliisa traders, highlighted the economic stagnation, with businesses suffering as oil workers refrain from purchasing goods locally. Town Clerk Godfrey Businge lamented the decline in revenue collection due to underutilized hotels and lodges.

Local leaders urged policy revisions to allow oil workers to reside outside camps, boosting business activity in the district. They also called for training sessions to empower local traders to meet industry standards and profit from the oil boom.

Responding to concerns, PAU pledged to investigate the proliferation of private oil camps and the deviation from the initial plan of only critical officers residing in camps. The investigation aims to address the challenges faced by Buliisa residents and ensure fair economic participation in the oil industry.

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