Creatives rally against Sarah Opendi’s alcohol Bill



  • Tororo Woman MP Sarah Opendi proposed the 2023 Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill in Uganda, which could impact both brewery companies and the creative industry. Representatives from the creative sector, including prominent figures like Phina Masanyalaze and Hannington Bugingo, voiced their concerns at Parliament, emphasizing the bill’s potential threat to their livelihoods.

In the preceding year, Tororo Woman MP Sarah Opendi introduced the 2023 Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill in Uganda. However, beyond its impact on brewery companies, the bill is poised to affect the creative industry as well. Consequently, representatives from the creative sector convened at Parliament to express their discontent with the bill to the parliamentary committee.

Among those present from the National Culture Forum were notable figures such as Phina Masanyalaze, Ragga Dee, and comedians Hannington Bugingo and Taata Sam, among others.

Hannington Bugingo from Fun Factory remarked that the meeting proved productive. “We visited Parliament, introduced ourselves, engaged with the health committee, and voiced our concerns regarding this bill. We elucidated how it would jeopardize our livelihoods. It was a fruitful engagement,” remarked Bugingo.

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