Kapchorwa: How Chemutai Chrispus Makes 3M Per Month From Black Soldier Fly Farming

Chemutai Chripus, 31 years old and a Resident of Kapchorwa Municipality, earns over $3 million from his Maggot Project.

BarawaValli Farm Investment Ltd. is a new Black Soldier Fly Farm and Animal Feed Production Facility in Kapchorwa, Barawa Ward, dedicated to sustainable, profitable, and unique products. Black solider flies are slightly bigger than normal flies and known for their extraordinary ability to consume and reduce organic waste. They sell them as a new protein source used as animal feed.

The farm’s mission is to breed these amazing flies and use them to produce animal proteins to supply local poultry and consumers in Kapchorwa. The goals include high-quality products and processes, and all methods include new technology utilizing sustainable agriculture and best management practices.


The Farm would earn revenue through the production and sale of feed for cattle, swine, and poultry using black soldier flies. Livestock animals are increasing in numbers, and there is increased demand for feed for livestock, especially in the winter.

The breeding and production would go on throughout the year since key resources are available at all times of the year. The farm hopes to increase production by 20 percent and sales by 30 percent in the next five years.

The farm and facility will be located on 1 acre of land belonging to the family and have one round-style greenhouse for production and the reduction of production risk.

From the market research, it is evident that consumers are interested in high-end specialty products. There is a move towards health and localization that will benefit the operation. The limitations of the business include time and labour to devote to the operation and feed production.

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The farm is also well prepared to grow into one of the leading commercial BSF farms in Africa. They have organized the processes and strategies that will enable them to employ best practices within the confines of the law.

It also looks to equip the youth in the region on how to benefit from the project and where they can get funding for the same.

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