President Museveni Seeks Japanese Companies’ Support for Uganda’s Value Addition Efforts

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni hosted a meeting at State House, Entebbe, with Mr. Hayashi Yoshimasa, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Japan, and his delegation. The focus of the discussion was on Japan’s potential support for Uganda’s value addition efforts. President Museveni highlighted the importance of encouraging Japanese investors to establish their businesses in Uganda, emphasizing that importing raw materials hinders Africa’s and Uganda’s growth despite their abundance of natural resources. He pointed out that Africa’s economy is smaller than the GDP of Japan, Germany, and India combined. The President also mentioned that although the number of Ugandans involved in the money economy has increased due to government interventions, many are still dealing with raw materials, causing persistent challenges for the country’s development.

President Museveni urged Japanese Manufacturing Companies to invest in Uganda and help add value to the country’s products, particularly coffee. He also requested companies capable of producing car batteries to take an interest in Uganda’s lithium resources, as the country is already manufacturing electric cars. The Foreign Affairs Minister of Japan, Mr. Hayashi, reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen bilateral relations with Uganda, emphasizing Japan’s willingness to support the health sector. He assured the President that Japanese companies are increasingly interested in Ugandan startups and will assist them in their growth and development. Mr. Hayashi also promised to explore options for providing companies that can produce car batteries. The meeting was attended by several dignitaries, including the Japanese Ambassador to Uganda and various Ugandan ministers.

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