Ugandan Traders Rally for East African Community Action Amidst South Sudan Conflict Fallout

A faction of traders in Uganda is urging leaders within the East African Community to devise a resolution for the prolonged conflict in South Sudan, expressing concerns about its potential impact on economic growth. These traders argue that the trade between Uganda and Sudan is causing a decline in exports, adversely affecting their businesses.

Operating under the banner of the self-proclaimed association “Freedom Movement Uganda,” the traders highlight that the situation not only endangers the economic well-being of Uganda but also poses a direct threat to the security of neighboring countries due to the ripple effects of the conflict. Mbaziira John, the Chairman of Freedom Movement Uganda, stresses the alarming threat posed by the war, including the potential proliferation of arms, a pattern observed in past conflicts worldwide.

Mbaziira urges urgent attention from leaders of the East African Community to address the root causes of the conflict in South Sudan. He emphasizes that regional stability is vital for fostering economic growth and maintaining peaceful relations among member states.

In response to the humanitarian crisis resulting from the conflict, the business community has stepped in by providing support in the form of basic necessities such as clothing, bedding, diapers, and more. Mbaziira underscores that this gesture aims to bring relief to those affected by the war and emphasizes the importance of solidarity during times of crisis.

Furthermore, business leaders are mobilizing fellow Ugandans to contribute to the cause through donations. This collaborative effort aims to alleviate the suffering caused by the conflict, demonstrating the community’s commitment to making a positive impact in the face of adversity.

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Mimi Nina Lakhani
Mimi Nina Lakhani
I'm Nina, a Kenyan-born Tanzanian. I write about politics, business, investment, oil and gas, and climate. Reporting from Nairobi, Kenya. Daily News Tanzania (Tanzania) | Tuko (Kenya) | Eye Radio (South Sudan) | The Black Examiner (Uganda)