Boda-Boda Rider Killed in Alcohol Dispute

A tragic incident occurred at Bugema stage in Kasese Municipality, where a 32-year-old Boda-boda rider lost his life in a dispute with a fellow rider allegedly related to alcohol. The victim was identified as Mr. Joshua Niwasasira, a resident of Rukomba village in Bunyangabu district.

Although no police officer was available to comment on the hierarchical challenges surrounding the case, Mr. Sanyeri Thembo, the Chairperson for commercial riders in Kasese Municipality, confirmed the incident. According to Sanyeri, the dispute arose when the deceased asked the suspect for his Waragi (a type of alcoholic beverage). The confrontation escalated, leading the suspect to strike the victim with a stone, ultimately resulting in his untimely demise.

Sanyeri emphasized the importance of fostering friendliness among Boda-boda riders and encouraging their involvement in developmental activities rather than engaging in risky behaviors that can cost lives.

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