Chinese National Robbed UGX200m by Kampala Boda Boda Gang

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Just four days ago in Kampala, a Chinese national discharged a firearm in response to a theft incident on Martin Road, sparking chaos as bystanders sought safety. Initial investigations by the Crime Intelligence (CI) division have revealed the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

Mr. Lee Shao resorted to using his firearm after a motorcycle gang forcefully robbed him of a bag containing a substantial amount of money. At Kampala Central Police Station (CPS), Lee recounted, “I had 200 million shillings in my bag, and I was using a boda boda when a group of men attacked me and took my money. I was confused and I remembered to shoot them when they had fled the scene.”

Luke Owoyesigyire, Deputy Spokesperson for the Kampala Metropolitan Police, confirmed that they are investigating the theft of Shs 200 million. He emphasized the risk of carrying large sums of money without adequate security, particularly for foreigners, and urged caution.

In a similar incident in September, Japanese expert Ito Okira lost his life during President Yoweri Museveni’s 79th birthday celebrations. Individuals in NRM party t-shirts assaulted Ito, and he succumbed to his injuries weeks later after trying to retrieve his stolen bag, which contained money.

Efforts are underway to identify the motorcycles used by the robbers who targeted Lee, with CCTV footage being used to gather information about the culprits. In the case of Ito, the initial charges of aggravated robbery were later changed to murder after his tragic death.

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