Israeli man kills Ugandan wife after Disappointing DNA Test Results

An Israeli man is currently being held by the police in Mpigi District after allegedly murdering his wife and concealing her remains in a septic tank. The suspect, identified as Raed Wated, resides in Kalagala Village and works as a manager at Reynolds Construction Company Ltd (RCC) workshop in Kayabwe within the same district. On July 16, 2023, Wated reported his wife, Monica Nabukenya, aged 25, missing.

Police officials stated that Wated had suspected Nabukenya of being unfaithful, which led him to arrange a DNA test for their 6-month-old child. “Wated decided to have the child undergo a DNA test, which ultimately yielded negative results,” the police statement revealed.

Upon returning home, Wated engaged in confrontations with his wife. Subsequently, he allegedly decided to kill her and dispose of her body in a septic tank located on their property, partially covering the corpse with soil. During the interrogation process, detectives from Kayabwe Police Station requested that the suspect lead them to his residence. Upon arrival, they were immediately struck by the foul odor of decomposing flesh. Following a thorough search, they discovered the victim’s body in the septic tank. The police statement further stated that Wated confessed to killing his wife after learning of the negative DNA test results.

Richard Ddumba, the chairperson of Kalagala Village in Kayabwe Town Council, disclosed that the couple had previously maintained a private life. However, he recently received information indicating that they had been at odds regarding the paternity of their six-month-old child. “As far as I know, the couple had only one child. When the man heard rumors suggesting that the baby might belong to another man, he decided to have a DNA test conducted, which confirmed that he was not the biological father,” Ddumba explained. He also mentioned that Wated had approached him in distress approximately four months ago, expressing his desire for a divorce.

Allegedly, Wated had initiated divorce proceedings, but the court had not yet reached a verdict on the matter at the time of the murder. “While he was pursuing a divorce through the court system, I was shocked to learn that he had allegedly already killed his wife,” Ddumba lamented. According to Ddumba, the murder could have occurred either on Thursday or Friday of the previous week.

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