Katanga Widow wheeled into court under tight security

Police officerS and prison wardens wheel deceased businessman, Henry Katanga's widow, Molly Katanga into the court room at Nakawa Chief Magistrate's Court in Kampala on January 24, 2024. PHOTO/ ABUBAKER LUBOWA


  • Molly Katanga, the main suspect in the murder of Henry Katanga, has been brought to court. The court issued an arrest warrant for her, and she faces murder charges. Two daughters of the deceased, along with a doctor and a domestic worker, have also been sent to trial for allegedly destroying evidence.

Molly Katanga, the primary suspect in the murder case involving city businessman Henry Katanga, was securely brought to Nakawa court. The court had issued an arrest warrant on January 22, 2024, for Molly, who reportedly underwent multiple medical surgeries after her husband’s death in their Kampala residence.

She is currently facing charges of murder. Additionally, Katanga’s two daughters, a doctor, and a domestic worker were recently sent to trial.

Patricia Kakwanza, Martha Nkwanzi Katanga (both daughters of the late Katanga), Dr. Charles Otai, and domestic worker George Amanyire were committed to the High Court for trial on January 22, 2024. They stand accused of destroying evidence and being accessories after the murder.

The prosecution asserts that on November 2, 2023, at Mbuya, Chwa 2, in Nakawa Division, Molly committed the murder with malice aforethought. Furthermore, on the same date, Nkwanzi and Kakwanza allegedly removed or destroyed potential evidence at the crime scene with the knowledge that it might be needed in a judicial proceeding.

The state also claims that Dr. Otai and Amanyire aided individuals, aware of their culpability, in escaping punishment for an offense.

The evidence lined up by the state includes a postmortem report, examination slips for the accused individuals, exhibits, forensic reports, telephone printouts, and a pistol with a cartridge and live bullets. The pistol underwent ballistic examination, confirming its capability to discharge live rounds. The cartridge cases found at the crime scene were matched to the examined pistol, as detailed in the committal papers that will be relied upon during the trial.

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