Kiswahili-Speaking Gangs Spark Fear in Kasese

Mr. Julius Mukeri, the chairperson of local council three for Kisinga subcounty in Kasese district, has urged the local community to be more vigilant and put in double efforts to combat a group of persistent thieves who are currently posing as rebels to instill fear and further their selfish agendas.

According to Mr. Mukeri, these thieves use intimidation tactics and make alarming statements to frighten their victims, leading them to remain silent to protect their lives.

During a community meeting over the weekend, Mr. Mukeri recounted an incident involving a gang that spoke in Kiswahili and made threatening statements, which terrified the victims. It was later discovered that the suspects were not rebels but thieves targeting goats.

Mr. Yokonia Masereka, the chairperson of local council one for Bughema village, attributes the rise in theft cases to factors such as low levels of education, laziness, drug abuse, alcoholism, and a materialistic mindset among the youth in the area.

Previously, Mr. Asanasio Katsumba, the lay reader for Bughema Church of Uganda, called for a positive change in mindset among some parents who prioritize education less, leading their children to be idle and directionless.

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