Luuka District Deputy RDC Suspended for Assault on Local


  • Paul Waiswa Bweni Bwamwiko, Deputy Resident District Commissioner in Uganda, has been suspended by the Office of the President for allegedly physically assaulting a resident named Abdullah Kisige in Luuka district.

The Deputy Resident District Commissioner (DRDC), Paul Waiswa Bweni Bwamwiko, has been promptly suspended by the Office of the President following allegations of physically assaulting Abdullah Kisige, a resident of Luuka district in the Busoga region, eastern Uganda.

Yunus Kakande, the secretary in the Office of the President, emphasized that Waiswa’s alleged assault on Kisige not only constitutes a criminal matter for the police to address but also tarnishes public reputation, contrary to Section (F-R) and paragraph 5(b) of the Uganda Standing Orders (2021).

“I hereby suspend you from duty as Deputy Resident District Commissioner Luuka with immediate effect,” declared Kakande.

In accordance with Section (F-d) of the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders, Waiswa must relinquish his office, government vehicle, or any other government property in his possession and surrender his employment identity card.

Additionally, Waiswa is required to provide a written defense addressing the accusations within fourteen days to the secretary’s office.

“You should also prepare a written defense regarding the allegations outlined in Kisige’s complaint to you. Furthermore, you must show cause as to why your case should not be referred to the rewards and sanctions committee of the Office of the President for further disciplinary action,” Kakande stated.

Waiswa’s suspension follows the circulation of a video clip on various social media platforms depicting an altercation between Waiswa and Kisige over an undisclosed issue.

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