Fund science programmes, private varsities tell govt

Fund science programmes, private varsities tell govt
The Chancellor of Kampala University, Prof George Mondo Kagonyera


  • The Chancellor of Kampala University, Prof George Mondo Kagonyera, urges government funding for science programs at private universities to promote economic growth. He emphasizes the high costs of teaching science and the need for support to enable students, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds, to pursue these fields.

Kampala University’s Chancellor, Prof George Mondo Kagonyera, is urging the government to consider funding science programs offered by private universities. With nearly 50 years in the education sector, Prof Kagonyera emphasizes the importance of this support for advancing the nation’s scientific prowess, vital for economic growth.

Speaking at Kampala University’s 21st graduation ceremony, Prof Kagonyera highlighted the significant expenses associated with teaching science, such as laboratory equipment and qualified lecturers. He stressed the necessity for government funding to enable aspiring students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to pursue their desired scientific fields.

Over 3,036 students graduated with various qualifications from Kampala University, underscoring the institution’s role in shaping Uganda’s future. Prof Kagonyera emphasized the importance of government-private sector partnerships in providing opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds.

Currently, only public universities can access research grants from the government, a situation Prof Kagonyera believes needs to change. He advocates for private university academics to have access to research funds to foster innovation and scientific advancement.

Echoing this sentiment, Prof Patrick Kyamanywa, Vice Chancellor of Uganda Martyrs University, emphasizes the critical role of governments in supporting private universities’ efforts in science, technology, engineering, and innovation. He cites President Museveni’s advocacy for a science-based economy and calls for more substantial support from both national and international bodies.

Prof Eriab Lugujjo, Executive Director of the Uganda Vice Chancellors’ Forum, stresses the need for equitable distribution of taxpayers’ money to ensure quality education and research across all higher education institutions.

Dr. Manfred Dietrich, Honorary Consul of Uganda in Hamburg, Germany, suggests a focus on vocational education to prepare students for the global job market. Prof Badru D Kateregga, Founding Vice Chancellor of Kampala University, highlights the importance of blending vocational and academic studies for a comprehensive education.

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