Abattoir Temporarily Closed Amid Guidelines Dispute in Oyam

Oyam District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Slaughtering and meat sales at Oyam Town Council’s primary abattoir face a temporary ban due to butchers’ non-compliance with guidelines. Dr. Ronald Were, Assistant Veterinary Officer of Oyam District, confirmed the ban, citing failure to adhere to protocols specifying that authorized individuals for slaughtering must be a Muslim endorsed by the district Muslim Khadi, free from health issues. Mwaka Isha, designated for the task, was halted without a clear reason.

Charles Otyama, Chairperson of Oyam Town Council Butchers, expressed regret over the closure, attributing it to strained relations with Mwaka Isha. Isha, mandated for slaughtering, clarified that his refusal to slaughter animals without a valid LC1 letter, indicating their origin, led to the dispute. The Oyam Town Council main abattoir comprises 12 active members.

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