Admitted Patient Dies In Drug Shop, Owner Goes AWOL

Handcuffed. PHOTO/FILE

Manafwa District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | In Bukhofu Sub County, Manafwa district, a sense of shock and anxiety gripped the community when a patient, who had been admitted to a local drug shop for treatment, tragically passed away amidst allegations of neglect.

This distressing incident unfolded in Bukanya village, within the boundaries of Bukhofu Sub County, Manafwa district, on the 17th of October, 2023. The deceased, identified as David Buke, was 37 years old and a resident of Bukanya village. The owner of the drug shop where the unfortunate incident occurred goes by the name Isaac Amila.

The sequence of events began when Buke developed severe stomach complications, prompting his admission to the drug shop the day prior. Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated rapidly, ultimately resulting in his untimely death. Concerns of possible neglect arose among the local residents. Shockingly, upon discovering Buke’s lifeless body, Amila locked the shop’s door and fled the scene.

Local residents, upon making this grim discovery, promptly notified the police, who responded by breaking the door to gain access. They subsequently transported the deceased to the mortuary in Mbale city for a postmortem examination.

Rogers Taitika, the Elgon region police spokesperson, confirmed the incident but indicated that he would provide further information after compiling all the necessary details.

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