Cholera Outbreak Claims 8 Lives in Kayunga

Kayunga, Uganda – August 1, 2023

At least eight people have tragically lost their lives, and several others are currently receiving medical treatment at various health facilities after an outbreak of cholera in Kayunga District, Uganda.


The District Health Officer (DHO), Dr. Ahmed Matovu, reported that all eight deaths occurred in Busaana Sub-county, with four of the fatalities belonging to a single family residing in Kayonjo Village. The latest reported death, which occurred last Friday, was in Bisakabidugala village, where the pit latrine coverage falls below the recommended minimum of 50%, and the area is in close proximity to the River Nile.

In response to the epidemic, the district cholera task force has swiftly established a screening and treatment center at Namusaala Health Centre III in Busaana Sub-county. As part of the containment efforts, the authorities have temporarily banned the sale of various types of juice in the affected area. Additionally, the placement of handwashing facilities in public places, particularly markets and towns, has been reinstated, with a focus on Busaana.

Mr. Stanley Moga, the in-charge at Namusaala Health Centre III, reported that four cholera patients are currently under treatment at the facility. To augment their efforts, UNICEF has generously donated two camping sites, each capable of accommodating 20 patients. Mr. Moga assured that in case the wards become fully occupied, the patients will be admitted to the tents.

Moreover, with the assistance of Village Health Teams (VHTs), the health authorities are actively conducting extensive community sensitization programs to educate people on preventive measures against the disease.

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Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Emmanuel Ainebyona, the spokesperson, confirmed that essential supplies including medical kits, soap, jik, and other medical provisions have been provided to the district to aid in the fight against the cholera outbreak.

Mr. Moses Ddumba, the Kayunga RDC and head of the district cholera task force, expressed that they made the decision to relocate the cholera treatment center to Namusaala Health Centre III due to the overwhelming number of patients at Kayunga Regional Referral Hospital.

The outbreak remains a matter of concern for the authorities, and they continue to deploy all available resources and expertise to control the situation and prevent further casualties.

Cholera is a highly contagious bacterial infection that spreads through contaminated food and water sources. The health authorities urge residents in the affected region to practice good hygiene, such as proper handwashing, and to seek immediate medical attention if any symptoms of cholera, including severe diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration, are observed.

As the situation develops, updates on the cholera outbreak and the ongoing efforts to combat it will be closely monitored by authorities and health organizations.

Note: This news article is based on available information as of August 1, 2023. The situation may evolve, and further details may emerge in subsequent reports.

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