Fake NDA Officials Extort Money from Clinic Owners in Kole District

Kole District | The Black Examiner – Clinic owners in Kole District find themselves in a predicament as individuals masquerading as National Drugs Authority officials swindled them of sums ranging from 200,000 to 300,000 shillings in exchange for a promise to shield their clinics from closure.

Nancy Apio, an employee at the Obanga Keken drug shop in Ilera Parish, Ayer sub-county, Kole District, recounted the incident. She explained that on Tuesday, a group comprising a woman and two men invaded their premises, claiming to represent the National Drug Authority. They demanded 300,000 shillings after an inspection and issued threats of shutting down their drug shop while confiscating all their medications.

Fearing the consequences, Apio contacted her boss, who promptly sent 200,000 shillings. She handed this sum over to the trio.


Subsequently, local residents spotted them consuming alcohol nearby and raised an alarm. Upon realizing they had been spotted, the fraudsters quickly vanished.

David Eseru, the regulatory officer of the National Drug Authority in Lira branch, urged locals to remain vigilant regarding individuals impersonating National Drug Authority officials, emphasizing the importance of thwarting such fraudulent activities.



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