Global Fund Commits $700m to Fight Diseases in Uganda Amid Anti-Homosexuality Law

Global Fund Commits 0m to Fight Diseases in Uganda Amid Anti-Homosexuality Law


  • The Global Fund pledges $700 million over three years to combat diseases in Uganda, amidst concerns over funding due to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Law. Collaboration between Uganda and the Global Fund focuses on procurement and local manufacturing of medical supplies, aiming to achieve UNAIDS HIV treatment targets.

The Global Fund has pledged a significant financial commitment of $700 million over the next three years to combat communicable diseases in Uganda. This commitment was conveyed by Peter Sands, the Executive Director of the Global Fund, during a meeting with President Museveni at State House-Entebbe. Sands emphasized the organization’s partnership with Uganda’s Health Ministry to accelerate efforts in ending epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

Established in 2002, the Global Fund operates as an innovative financing mechanism aimed at swiftly raising and disbursing funds for programs targeting the reduction of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria in low- and middle-income nations. Sands highlighted that with a total investment of $2.9 billion to date and an additional $700 million forthcoming, the Fund remains focused on addressing prevalent diseases and tackling unique challenges such as mosquito resistance and HIV/AIDS prevention.

The commitment of $700 million comes as a relief amidst concerns that the Global Fund might withhold funding due to the enactment of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Law. Sands had previously warned that this law could impede health education and outreach efforts crucial for combating AIDS. The Constitutional Court’s nullification of certain sections of the law aimed at criminalizing homosexuality has provided some reassurance.

During the meeting, key areas for potential procurement were outlined by Uganda’s Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, including antiretroviral drugs for HIV treatment, rapid diagnostic tests for malaria and HIV, insecticidal nets, and medical gloves. President Museveni reiterated Uganda’s commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS and malaria, emphasizing the importance of both prevention and treatment strategies.

Furthermore, President Museveni advocated for the purchase of drugs and medical supplies from local manufacturers to enhance Uganda’s knowledge economy. In response, Sands expressed the Global Fund’s willingness to collaborate with local markets while addressing cost considerations and ensuring the supply of essential medical supplies.

Sands commended Uganda’s progress in combating HIV/AIDS, noting that the country is on track to achieve UNAIDS HIV treatment targets if current progress is maintained. He highlighted impressive statistics indicating high rates of HIV status awareness, antiretroviral therapy coverage, and viral suppression among those on treatment.

The meeting, attended by officials from Uganda’s Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, and local drug manufacturers, underscored the importance of collaboration in advancing healthcare goals. President Museveni’s commitment to fostering partnerships with local manufacturers reflects a broader effort to strengthen Uganda’s healthcare infrastructure and economy.

Overall, the pledged funding and collaborative efforts between Uganda and the Global Fund signal a continued commitment to addressing public health challenges and advancing towards the goal of ending epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria in the country.

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