Growing Alarm over Tuberculosis (TB) Surge in Eastern Uganda

Growing Alarm over Tuberculosis (TB) Surge in Eastern Uganda

Health experts and leaders in Eastern Uganda have expressed growing concern about the increasing incidence of Tuberculosis (TB) in the region.

Research indicates that Bugisu and Bukedi regions contribute to more than 20 percent of the country’s annual reported TB and leprosy cases, which total around 90,000.

Within Eastern Uganda, the districts of Tororo, Namisindwa, and Manafwa have witnessed the highest number of TB cases, while Budaka, Pallisa, Butebo, and Kibuku report high incidences of leprosy, particularly among children.

Dr. Stephen Obbo, the Director of Mbale Regional Referral, emphasized that this issue demands serious attention, considering that Uganda ranks among the countries with the highest TB infection burden.

Addressing the regions with a high burden of TB infections will significantly alleviate the disease’s impact.

“The purpose of our gathering today is to bring stakeholders together to offer support and interventions for TB in Eastern Uganda,” said Dr. Obbo.

Furthermore, experts revealed that Mbale city faces a significant number of multi-drug-resistant TB patients, which further complicates the situation.

Damalie Waiswa, the TB focal person for Bukedi and Bugisu, stressed the importance of being vigilant about unreported cases, as individuals not receiving treatment contribute to the ongoing infection burden.

“While we have documented numerous cases, I am certain that there are many more out there that we do not know of. We need to employ all possible strategies to identify and address these cases,” said Waiswa.

Achilla John Rex, the Resident City Commissioner of Mbale, highlighted the challenge of co-existing infections. Individuals with TB are at higher risk of contracting HIV, and leprosy remains a persistent concern.

To prevent this situation from evolving into another epidemic, all relevant forces must unite and act urgently to address these pressing health issues.

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