In Soroti School, over 900 pupils share pit latrines with 14 teachers

Emmanuel Alilu a concerned Parent of Omugenya primary School showing the dilapidated pit latrine formerly used by 14 teachers at Omugenya primary school


  • Omugenya Primary School in Soroti District faces infrastructure challenges, with over 900 pupils and 14 teachers sharing a single pit latrine. Teachers and parents express discomfort, urging district leaders for intervention.

Omugenya Primary School, situated in Soroti District, grapples with significant infrastructure deficiencies while accommodating over 900 pupils and 14 teachers who share a single pit latrine. Located approximately 10 kilometers outside Soroti City, the school faces challenges that Mr. David Robert Opio, a teacher there, finds discomforting. He stresses the necessity of maintaining privacy and appropriate boundaries to uphold the authoritative role of teachers in the classroom. Opio emphasizes the discomfort teachers feel sharing intimate spaces with pupils, impacting personal boundaries and overall comfort within the school environment.

Emmanuel Ailu, a concerned parent at Omugenya Primary School, shares similar concerns and urges district leaders to promptly intervene and address the situation. Despite Soroti District allocating a substantial budget of 11.7 Billion Shillings to its education sector in the financial year 2023/2024, infrastructural challenges persist across government-aided schools in the district. While Abraham Ekwaru, the Soroti District Communication Officer, was unavailable for an official statement at the time of reporting, Stephen Ejoku of Ejoku Foundation has pledged to construct a 2-stance pit latrine for the school staff.

Ejoku underscores the urgent need for government intervention to enhance the education sector by providing adequate infrastructure for a more conducive learning environment.

Additional reporting by TNN Uganda

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