Kusasira to Undergo Heart Operation for ‘Fatty Heart’ Condition

Catherine Kusasira. PHOTO/COURTESY


  • Kusasira is set to undergo a heart operation due to a condition known as “fatty heart.” The singer, experiencing breathing difficulties, has traveled abroad for the corrective procedure. Fans are sending well wishes for her speedy recovery on social media.

Kusasira is reportedly scheduled for a heart operation in the upcoming days, as indicated by a message shared on her social media platforms. The singer has traveled abroad for the corrective procedure due to experiencing difficulties in breathing and a heart condition characterized by excess fat buildup, as detailed by her social media representatives.

The specific condition, termed “fatty heart” or medically referred to as “pericardial fat,” involves the accumulation of visceral fats around the heart, which can induce inflammation and increase the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and related cardiovascular issues. Factors contributing to this condition include obesity and a sedentary lifestyle lacking adequate physical activity.

While manageable with medication, severe cases of fatty heart may necessitate heart surgery to address clogged arteries. Kusasira’s fans have expressed their support and well wishes for her swift recovery across various social media platforms, conveying prayers and encouragement for her healing journey.

With inputs from Agencies

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