Museveni Covers Jose Chamelone’s Hospital Expenses in the US

In a generous gesture, President Museveni has stepped forward to pay for Jose Chamelone’s hospital bills in the United States, where the renowned musician recently underwent surgery. The Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja, confirmed the payment, stating that the President had taken care of all the necessary expenses involved.

Chamelone had been faced with a daunting medical bill of US$100,000 (equivalent to 369,693,100 Ugandan Shillings) for his surgery and treatment in the United States. This financial burden was relieved thanks to President Museveni’s intervention.

The artist, whose real name is Joseph Mayanja, had been battling with a persistent case of diarrhea for the past two years. His condition deteriorated to a critical state, prompting medical professionals to recommend surgical intervention. Unfortunately, Chamelone lacked the funds required for him to undergo surgery.


In a time of desperate need, friends and family members rallied together to seek assistance from Prime Minister Nabbanja. Understanding the gravity of the situation, they requested her help in conveying their appeal to President Museveni. Graciously, the President responded by covering the expenses, ensuring Chamelone could receive the necessary medical attention in the United States.

Numerous doctors had advised Chamelone to seek the expertise of specialists in the United States who could address his medical needs. Regrettably, the financial barrier prevented him from accessing the required treatment. This obstacle has now been overcome, thanks to President Museveni’s intervention.

Chamelone has been admitted to the hospital in the past. The most recent occurrence was in August, further emphasizing the importance of timely and adequate medical care.

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With President Museveni’s benevolent support, Chamelone can now focus on his recovery and regain his health without the burden of medical expenses. This act of kindness highlights the President’s commitment to the well-being of the Ugandan people, extending his assistance to those in need, including prominent figures like Chamelone.

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