NDA Shuts Down 86 Illegal Drug Outlets Across Greater Luwero

Samuel Kyomukama the head of enforcement at NDA showing some drugs impounded from illegal drug shops. Others in the photo are Savannah PRO Sam Twiineamazima and DPC John Ojokuna. PHOTO/COURTESY

Luwero District | The Black Examiner  – National Drug Authority (NDA) has taken decisive action by closing down 86 unlicensed drug shops and pharmacies within the expansive Greater Luwero region.

Beginning earlier this week, a collaborative operation between the NDA and the local police force was initiated to enforce adherence to regulations within drug outlets situated across the districts of Luwero, Nakaseke, and Nakasongola.

During an operation carried out on Friday, a notable development emerged as William James Tamale, the Chief Regional Inspector for Kampala Extra at NDA, disclosed the outcomes. A total of 86 drug shops and pharmacies were unequivocally shuttered due to their unlawful operational status.

Tamale elucidated on the reasons behind the closures, highlighting instances where certain drug establishments were found to be operating without the necessary licenses issued by the NDA. Additionally, certain outlets were found to be under the management of inadequately qualified personnel.

Further unraveling the operation, Tamale underscored that the NDA’s enforcement team also confiscated 178 boxes of pharmaceuticals valued at 44.5 million Shillings from these illicit outlets. The confiscated medicines have been subsequently relocated to the NDA’s offices in Nakawa, a precinct within Kampala city. The authority has indicated that the drugs will be returned to the respective outlet owners only upon meeting the stipulated operational requirements.

Tamale emphasized that those failing to adhere to the regulatory prerequisites within the designated timeframe will face the destruction of their seized drug supplies.

Echoing a positive sentiment towards the operation, Joseph Kisakye, the Assistant District Health Officer for Luwero District, expressed his support. He highlighted the operation’s pivotal role in systematizing the functioning of these outlets, thereby enhancing the safety and quality of services offered to the public.

Approximately, the distribution of drug outlets in the region stands as follows: 440 drug shops in Luwero district, 220 in Nakaseke, and 140 in Nakasongola. These statistics emphasize the scope and magnitude of the operation’s reach in enhancing the regulatory landscape within the healthcare sector.



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