New 6.3 Billion Fecal Sludge Project Launched in Rukungiri Municipality

Rukungiri District | The Black Examiner – The Ministry of Water and Environment, acting on behalf of the Government of Uganda, has granted a contract worth 6.3 billion UGX to Vidas Engineering Services Company. This contract entails the construction of a Fecal Sludge facility within the Western Division, Northern A Ward of Rukungiri Municipality.

Fecal sludge, commonly referred to as septage, is a mixture of solid and liquid waste that accumulates in onsite sanitation systems, such as septic tanks. It comprises raw or partially digested matter resulting from the collection, storage, or treatment of excreta and blackwater, with or without the inclusion of greywater.

In an interview with Asiimwe Jackline, the Public Relations Officer of Vidas Engineering Construction Company, revealed that the project is currently in its initial phase. The company is actively engaging stakeholders and conducting public awareness campaigns to introduce the community to this new initiative.

The project also encompasses the construction of Waterborne Toilets at Rukungiri Health IV, St. Karoli Lwanga Hospital Nyakibale, Nyamayenje Market, and Kebisoni Market. Additionally, Institutional V.I.P Latrines (comprising two-stanced, six-unit latrines) will be established for both boys and girls at Kinyasaano Boarding Primary School, Nyakibale Upper, Nyakibale Lower Primary School, and Kahoro Primary School.

To facilitate waste management, the contractor will procure a faecal sludge vacuum truck. This truck will be responsible for collecting and transporting all human waste to the Kagunga fecal sludge treatment facility. Residents will subsequently have the opportunity to utilize the treated human waste as nutrient-rich manure.

Asiimwe Jackline confidently stated that the project is projected to reach completion within the span of one year.


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