Pakwach Enforces Quarantine in Response to an Outbreak of Contagious Animal Disease

On Wednesday, during a district stakeholders meeting in Pakwach District, a decision was made to impose an indefinite quarantine on animal movements due to the outbreak of contagious animal diseases. The authorities took this action in response to confirmed cases of Caprine and Bovine Pleuro Pneumonia in at least five sub-counties within the district.

Dr. Robert Canpara, the District Veterinary officer, informed NilePost that the infection had been verified in five out of the ten sub-counties in the district, namely Panyango, Alwi, Pakwach, Panyimur, and Panyimur Town Council. He stated, “We conducted surveillance, and as we were compiling the report, we had identified 146 herds of infected cattle and 624 infected goats. Among them, 26 herds of cattle and 246 goats have died.”

Contagious Caprine Pleuro pneumonia (CCPP) in goats and Bovine Pleuro Pneumonia (CBPP) in cattle are severe animal diseases recognized as significant hindrances to cattle production, according to the Food and Agricultural Organization. Both CCPP and CBPP have a high contagion rate and can cause mortality rates of up to 50 percent, resulting in substantial economic losses for affected communities, as highlighted by the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Dr. Canpara explained that the diseases spread through direct contact between an infected and susceptible animal, with the susceptible animal becoming infected by inhaling droplets dispersed through coughing.

However, while the district grapples with managing the outbreak, the country currently lacks vaccines. Dr. Canpara stated that farmers who can afford the vaccine are purchasing them from recommended Veterinary drugstores. He added, “The disadvantage is that the government currently does not have the vaccines, and the cost falls on the farmers. We are advising those who can afford it to approach our office, and we will procure the vaccines for them.”

Paul Ecero, the Resident District Commissioner, announced that the movement of cattle, goats, and their products from one sub-county to another has been suspended until the situation stabilizes in the affected areas. He further stated, “Slaughtering, consumption, and sale of meat have also been suspended until further notice. This is to facilitate effective management of the outbreak without spreading it to clean sub-counties within the district and neighboring areas.”

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