Rukungiri District Gets 2.12 Million Mosquito Nets

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Rukungiri District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | The Ugandan Ministry of Health has delivered 2,120,000 long-lasting treated mosquito nets to the Rukungiri district local government. The nets were received by the Rukungiri district leadership, including Deputy Resident District Commissioner Ahimbisibwe Wilberforce Ongom, Lc5 Chairperson Geofrey Kyomukama, and Rukungiri district malaria focal person Doctor Edson Mpirime, among others.

During a flag-off ceremony at the Rukungiri district headquarters, DRDC Ongom emphasized the importance of educating the public on the correct use of mosquito nets and encouraged local participation in the fight against malaria, both in the district and across the nation. He warned against the misuse of provided mosquito nets, as such actions could lead to arrest and legal consequences.

Rukungiri district’s LC5 chairperson, Mr. Geofrey Kyomukama, urged people to use the nets as intended and avoid misusing them, as it incurs significant costs for the government. He cautioned against using mosquito nets for activities like fish collecting, poultry farming, or designing furniture, emphasizing their intended purpose.

The distribution of the donated mosquito nets will span three days and cover 88 parishes within the Rukungiri district, according to Amanya Darius, the delivery clerk from the National Medical Stores (NMS). Sleeping under these insecticide-treated mosquito nets helps prevent mosquito bites, which are a leading cause of malaria.

Uganda ranks third in Africa in terms of the malaria disease burden, following Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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