Stanbic Bank Donates Medical Equipment to Kisugu Health Center III

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Stanbic Bank has made a generous contribution to Kisugu Health Centre III, a clinic located in Makindye Division, within the capital city of Kampala, Central Uganda. The donation includes 100 mama kits and a radiant warmer valued at shs10 million.

Sam Mwogeza, the Executive Head of Personal & Private Banking at Stanbic Bank, expressed the bank’s commitment to this partnership with the health center, emphasizing the importance of their purpose. He stated, “Uganda is our home, and as Stanbic, we contribute to her growth. However, we recognize that any nation is built upon strong families, and strong families are the foundation of strong nations.”

Uganda currently faces a relatively high maternal mortality ratio, with just under 200 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. Nevertheless, concerted efforts led by the Ministry of Health have been gradually reducing this ratio. The World Health Organization notes that over 80% of pregnancy-related deaths can be prevented.

Mwogeza acknowledged the challenges Uganda faces in terms of maternal mortality and the need for support. He said, “We understand that Uganda still grapples with high maternal mortality rates. While there has been progress, there is an opportunity for us to play a small role in demonstrating our commitment. We stand with you, we appreciate your work, and we want to support it in any way we can.”

During the handover event at Kisugu Health Centre III in Kampala, Dr. Naula Rebecca Mpande, the Maternal and Child Health Incharge, expressed gratitude to Stanbic Bank for its timely support. She highlighted how Stanbic’s assistance has elevated the standards of care at Kisugu and lauded the bank for its commitment.

Dr. Mpande shared, “We are immensely delighted that Stanbic has considered us here at Kisugu. Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has many facilities, and people have asked why Stanbic chose Kisugu. We don’t have a definite answer, but we consider it a blessing. Many banks exist in Uganda, but Stanbic’s exceptional support sets a new standard.”

She also mentioned previous donations by Stanbic, which included mama kits, and the positive impact they had on the community. Kisugu Health Centre III offers a range of healthcare services, including outpatient, inpatient, antenatal, maternity, immunization, family planning, and more.

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