State House Unit Finds 18 Ghost Health Facilities in Manafwa

Manafwa District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | The State House Health Monitoring Unit has exposed 18 phantom health facilities in Manafwa district, along with the revelation of 75 nonexistent health workers on the district’s payroll.

Officials from the State House Health Monitoring Unit recently concluded a month-long monitoring mission in Manafwa district. During this investigation, they uncovered the presence of more than 18 fictitious health facilities and identified over 70 ghost workers.

Dr. Julian Nabatanzi, the head of the monitoring team, stated that their presence in the district was prompted by a tragic incident. A mother passed away during childbirth at Bugobero Health Center 4, allegedly due to staff negligence after they demanded a 200,000 UGX payment from the patient before attending to her.

Dr. Nabatanzi further reported that they had discovered 18 non-existent health facilities with 75 phantom health workers, all of whom were being paid by public funds. They also found a high incidence of staff negligence at Bugobero Health Center, which was contributing to increased child and maternal mortality rates in the area.

She noted that, from February to July, eight children had died, with six of those deaths attributed to staff negligence. Dr. Nabatanzi expressed concern about the poor hygiene standards at Bugobero Health Center 4 and the frequent absence of doctors, who attended to patients for no more than five days a month.

Nabatanzi also highlighted issues such as drug theft and illegal sale by health workers in various health facilities, as well as the forgery of receipts amounting to approximately 30 million UGX at the same health center.

Some residents who relied on Bugobero Health Center 4 reported that the staff used unprofessional language, including verbal abuse of patients and extortion of money for services.

The Manafwa district health officer acknowledged the existence of phantom health facilities and health workers but assured that the district is actively collaborating with the Public Service to eliminate them from the system.


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