The Detention of a Newborn by the Hospital Over Medical Bills is Inhumane

Rosewell Women and Children's hospital: We did not detain the newborn baby over hospital bills, it’s the baby’s parents who ran and abandoned it here- The hospital responds

Roswell Women and Children’s Hospital is under scrutiny for its alleged inhumane actions. The hospital stands accused of detaining a newborn baby, Khryst Alinda, as collateral for unpaid medical bills. However, the hospital’s response, while attempting to shift blame to the baby’s parents, fails to justify this outrageous violation of human rights.

The hospital’s narrative suggests that Alinda Bridgers Mugenyi and Salome, the baby’s parents, abandoned their child after receiving a hefty medical bill. But let’s not be swayed by this attempt to deflect responsibility. The facts remain stark: a defenseless newborn was caught in the crossfire of a dispute over money.

It’s crucial to acknowledge the timeline of events. On May 8th, 2023, Ms. Aturinde gave birth to a premature baby who required specialized care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Ms. Aturinde was discharged, but the baby, due to its fragile condition, couldn’t leave the hospital. During this time, the hospital asserts that Ms. Aturinde had regular access to breastfeed her child.

However, on May 15th, 2023, when the hospital prepared to discharge the baby, the parents were presented with a medical bill. Ms. Aturinde reportedly left the hospital, promising to return and settle the bill. Sadly, she and Mr. Mugenyi never returned, despite the hospital’s attempts to contact them.

The hospital claims to have reached out to the baby’s grandparents, who allegedly believed that the baby had passed away and been buried. This tragic miscommunication led the hospital to report a case of child desertion to the police.

The response from the authorities is equally disturbing. The police, unable to locate the parents, advised the hospital to hand over the baby to the Uganda Police Child Protection Unit, which subsequently transferred the child to Loving Hearts Babies Home. This sequence of events demonstrates a systemic failure to protect the rights and well-being of this innocent child.

The parents’ accusation that the hospital detained their baby as collateral is a grave indictment. The act of denying a newborn access to breastfeeding or pumped breast milk from their mother is nothing short of cruel and inhumane. It also poses severe health risks to the child.

Moreover, the parents allege that the hospital shared their personal information with a third party, Wassha Africa Uganda, leading to threats and the confiscation of their IDs. This raises serious concerns about patient confidentiality and data security.

In light of these distressing developments, the court must act decisively. It should declare the hospital’s actions as inhumane and degrading, as the parents rightfully demand. The hospital should not be entitled to any payment for the period during which the baby was illegally detained. Furthermore, an unconditional release of the baby to the parents is not just a request but a moral imperative.

This case transcends monetary disputes and legal intricacies; it strikes at the very core of our humanity. We must demand accountability from institutions entrusted with the care of vulnerable individuals, especially innocent newborns. The hospital’s actions are a true violation of human rights, a heart-wrenching reminder of how fragile our societal safety nets can be, and a call to action for us all.

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