Two Perish in Head-On Collision, Ex-Tingey County MP Blamed

On Tuesday evening, a fatal accident involving the Headon Collision and two motorcycles has left two individuals dead along the Kapchorwa-Kween Road. This regrettable occurrence took place at the Atari Bridge, marking the demarcation between Kapchorwa and Kween District.

According to reliable reports obtained by this publication, the unfortunate collision occurred when one of the boda boda riders, who was reportedly under the influence of alcohol, failed to navigate the sharp turn on the bridge. This led to a collision with another motorcycle that had another pair of passengers.

Tragically, both motorcycles were carrying two passengers each. Regrettably, one individual lost their life on impact, while another succumbed to their injuries later on, within the confines of the hospital.

Notably, the absence of adequate ambulance services at the main hospital in Kapchorwa compounded the severity of the situation. The lack of timely medical transportation played a critical role in the demise of one of the victims. It was revealed that Kapchorwa’s medical authorities were compelled to seek ambulance assistance from the adjacent Kween District, which is located approximately 50 kilometers away.

The urgent transfer of the two patients requiring specialized care at Mbale Referral Hospital was significantly delayed due to the unavailability of transportation options within Kapchorwa. While medical referrals were promptly issued by healthcare professionals, the absence of a functional ambulance in Kapchorwa Hospital hindered swift action.

Finally, an ambulance dispatched from Kween District Hospital, under the supervision of Dr. Leonard, arrived at Kapchorwa at precisely 11:50 PM. Despite the best efforts of medical personnel at Kapchorwa Hospital to provide crucial preliminary medical aid to the critically injured, the arrival of the Kween ambulance unfortunately coincided with the immediate passing of one of the patients.

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Of the remaining individuals, one was referred for advanced treatment at Mbale Referral Hospital, while the other three were admitted to Kapchorwa Main Hospital for further care and observation.

Background and Accountability

Amid the tragic aftermath of this accident, questions of accountability have arisen, particularly concerning the availability of medical resources. In a backstory that traces back to the 2016 general elections, Seyekwo Kenneth, popularly known as Obama, the former MP for Tingey County, pledged to procure an ambulance for the district due to its dearth of emergency medical transportation.

The ambulance remained in service throughout his tenure in Parliament, but this initiative was discontinued after Obama was replaced by the current MP for Tingey County, Hon. Twalla Fadil, in 2021. It is noteworthy that following his electoral defeat, Obama opted to withdraw his support for the ambulance, citing financial constraints in its maintenance and operation, even though Kapchorwa Hospital offered to manage the operational costs.

The Kapchorwa district hospital management reportedly sought to secure funding for the ambulance’s continued operations, but allegations suggest that Obama declined to transfer ownership, a claim confirmed by this publication.

In the aftermath of the tragic accident on Tuesday night, sentiments of frustration have been directed towards the former MP, Obama, for purportedly neglecting the welfare of his constituents despite no longer holding public office. The incident has ignited discussions around his decision to discontinue ambulance support and the impact it has had on the community’s well-being.


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