Uganda says AIDS Deaths Down 70% in Past 12 Years

Health worker tests a community member for HIV in Luweero District. PHOTO/WHO

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Uganda has reported a significant decline in AIDS-related deaths, with numbers decreasing from 56,000 in 2010 to 17,000 in 2022, marking nearly a 70 percent reduction over 12 years. Daniel Byamukama, the head of HIV prevention at the Uganda AIDS Commission, highlighted the country’s substantial progress in reducing new HIV infections and AIDS-related morbidity and mortality in various population groups during the past decade.

In 2022, Uganda recorded 52,000 new HIV infections and 17,000 AIDS-related deaths, contrasting with 94,000 new infections and 56,000 AIDS-related deaths in 2010.

The Uganda AIDS Commission, a government organization responsible for overseeing and coordinating all HIV/AIDS-related activities in the country, made this announcement during a press briefing in Kampala. Additionally, it was revealed that the 2nd National HIV and AIDS Symposium is scheduled to occur on November 14-16 in Kampala.

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