Ugandan MP Ssegirinya Undergoes Pancreas Surgery in Germany

Ugandan MP Ssegirinya Undergoes Pancreas Surgery in Germany
MP Ssegirinnya on Hospital Bed in Germany. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kawempe North Member of Parliament, Mohammed Ssegirinya, has successfully undergone surgery to remove his pancreas at a hospital in Germany. The surgery took place at the Yarned Hagen Ambrock Hospital in Germany, where Ssegirinya was transferred on the recommendation of his local doctors for further specialized treatment.

Speaking over the phone with this publication, Ssegirinya shared his progress with a positive outlook, stating, “I have successfully undergone the operation and I am now undergoing detoxification to rid my body of harmful substances. Subsequently, I will receive medication to treat the ulcers in my lungs and other health concerns.”

Ssegirinya also mentioned his difficulty in breathing and expressed his gratitude for the medical team’s efforts to improve his condition. He requested the public to keep him in their thoughts and prayers for his recovery.

Before his transfer to Germany, Ssegirinya’s health had significantly deteriorated. In addition to respiratory issues and shortness of breath, he experienced persistent diarrhea, rapid heartbeats, and skin rashes, notably on his face. Medical examinations revealed an underlying liver condition.

Dr. A.S. Wolfgang Galetke of Germany was among the doctors who assessed Ssegirinya’s health. It was determined that surgery, known as “cholecystectomy surgery,” was necessary. This procedure involves the removal of the pancreas due to its impaired functionality, especially in cases involving ulcers.

The pancreas, located beneath the liver, plays a crucial role in producing digestive enzymes that aid in breaking down food within the body. Dr. A.S. Victor Kigoonya, a specialist from Kibuli Moslem’s Hospital, explained that the gallbladder, positioned below the liver on the right side of the stomach, assists in storing and transporting bile, which aids in processing fats from ingested food.

The pancreas contains glands that connect to the digestive tract, facilitating the flow of digestive juices from the liver to the small intestine for food processing. The pancreas plays a pivotal role in delivering these necessary enzymes as needed by the body.

Ssegirinya had announced earlier that he would undergo cholecystectomy surgery, appealing for the support and prayers of Ugandans as he navigated this medical journey. The successful surgery in Germany marked a significant step toward his recovery.


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