Ugandans Ask Museveni to Retire Moses Ali

Social media platform X is flooded with appeals for the retirement of Uganda’s Second Deputy Prime Minister, General (Rtd) Moses Ali, due to his ongoing health issues. Since 2021, he has been grappling with an unidentified ailment that has become noticeable during public events.

At the age of 84, Moses Ali, a member of the national cabinet, has been observed struggling to sit in a chair and even experienced a public collapse on one occasion, including a recent video clip on X showing his difficulty in sitting during a public gathering.

The video posted by Pius Jadwar, which gained widespread attention, was accompanied by the caption, “Moses Ali should retire! This video is embarrassing.”

Another user, Pius Oscar, remarked that the doctor treating him should have advised him to step away from public life and rest. Alternatively, the appointing authority should consider providing him with the support he needs while allowing him to stay at home, thereby sparing him from such embarrassment.

Kyemba Timothy, on the streets of X, appealed to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, asking him to retire General Moses Ali in the public interest. He argued that given General Ali’s health condition, he could no longer contribute significantly and had already fulfilled his role.

These appeals are calling for Moses Ali to retire and focus on seeking medical attention. Notably, the initial constitution limited cabinet members to serve until the age of 75, but subsequent amendments under the NRM government eliminated this age restriction.

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