Boda Boda Operators Warned Against Multiple Sexual Partners

Boda Boda Operators Warned Against Multiple Sexual Partners. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Boda-boda riders in the Kampala Metropolitan areas have received a stern warning about the risks of engaging in multiple sexual relationships, which can lead to incurable diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

Godfrey Ssekaja, the Traffic Commandant, Kampala Metropolitan North, delivered this caution during a gathering with hundreds of Boda-boda riders from Kawempe Division. Ssekaja emphasized that many riders, upon obtaining some money, often prioritize acquiring new girlfriends or taking additional wives, which ultimately endangers their health due to the very real threat of HIV/AIDS.

Ssekaja, who has a personal connection with many of the riders, urged them to protect themselves and emphasized the importance of maintaining their health, as being sick would hinder their ability to support their families.

He also addressed road safety concerns and advised Boda-boda riders against leaving accident victims unattended and pursuing drivers after an accident. Ssekaja expressed concern that such behavior tarnishes their reputation and recommended that they assist the injured party instead, allowing the responsible drivers to deal with the medical expenses. Failure to do so, he warned, could result in charges of malicious damage.

Suzan Tumuheirwe, representing the non-governmental organization “Safe Way Right Way,” explained their increased focus on educating Boda-boda riders within the Kampala Metropolitan Areas. She cited police statistics indicating a shift in accident-related fatalities from pedestrians to Boda-boda riders and their passengers in recent years, making the area a primary focus for their efforts.

Some Boda operators acknowledged that they had learned valuable lessons, such as the importance of wearing helmets, adhering to road safety regulations, and leading more responsible lives.

The “Safe Way Right” program for training Boda-boda riders will continue to other divisions of Kampala, with the goal of reducing road accidents, which currently rank among the leading causes of death in Uganda.

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