Avoid DNA Tests, they Cause Family Conflict – Locals urged

Chemist hands holding test tubes, DNA helix model background

The male councilor representing Kitswamba sub-county in the Kasese District, Hon. Gad Mugisha, has expressed his view on DNA testing, referring to it as a potential source of conflict within families. Hon. Mugisha emphasized the importance of open discussions and careful consideration before undertaking such tests. He urged members of the local community to prioritize raising their children harmoniously, rather than causing unnecessary tension and division among them.

The councilor asserted that families living in peace had no need for DNA tests, as children are cherished blessings from God, and their lives should not be disrupted. Interestingly, just yesterday, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa, called on the government to establish guidelines for conducting DNA tests in order to safeguard families and protect innocent children. Tayebwa expressed concern over the growing number of cases where men discover that their presumed biological children are not actually theirs, leading to immense suffering for the children involved.

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