Parents urged on nurturing their children responsibly

Rev. Fr. John Bosco Ruboija, the Parish Priest of Kahunde Catholic Parish, delivered a compelling message on Saturday, emphasizing the importance of parents nurturing their children responsibly to ensure a lasting impact even after their passing. The occasion was a memorial mass for the late Matayo Ndolerrire, held at his ancestral home in Kabworo Village, Kagadi Sub County, Kagadi District.

Matayo Ndolerrire, a devoted Catholic Church catechist, was the biological father of Mathias Kyaligonza, the Director of Stella Maris Schools in Kagadi Town council, among others. Born on October 5th, 1951, he passed away on May 30th, 2014.

During the service, Fr. Ruboija praised the late Ndolerrire for instilling strong religious values in his children, which continues to shape them into proud and respected members of society. The guest of honor, Stephen Twesige Rurekere, former Buyaga East MP Aspirant and NRM flag bearer for Buyaga East county, hailed Ndolerrire as an exemplary man who responsibly nurtured his children.


Rurekere took the opportunity to encourage the general public to express gratitude to their parents while they are still alive, ensuring their happiness even after their eventual passing. He also expressed appreciation to Mathias and the rest of the family for consistently honoring the life of their late father.

Kagadi Town Council Mayor, Godfrey Businge, echoed the sentiments, urging parents to lead responsible and exemplary lives for the benefit of their children. Businge also commended Mathias Kyaligonza for his innovative approach.

In a moment of joyous celebration, Mathias Kyaligonza, speaking on behalf of the family, expressed gratitude to his parents for their responsible nurturing. He extended his thanks to religious leaders, organizers, friends, and relatives for their wholehearted support in creating a memorable and vibrant event.

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