Residents Threaten to Carry Dead Bodies to Hoima City offices

Residents Threaten to Carry Dead Bodies to Hoima City offices
Hoima City Head Offices | PHOTO/SPICE FM

A section of Iharamango residents in Isaka Kijungu, Hoima East Division have threatened to carry dead bodies to Hoima City offices blaming authorities for failing to manage Hoima City mortuary located in their area

The residents led by Davis Kato say dead bodies between 6-8 are always brought at the morgue and remain unattended to which later decompose creating a menace in the area. They add that some of the residents have since fled the area because of the unbearable condition.

The Hoima City mortuary is meant to be a facility that provides essential services to the residents of Hoima and its environs. It is a place where families can take their loved ones after they have passed away, and they can be cared for with respect, dignity, and compassion. However, this has not been the case for the residents of Hoima City. In recent times, anger and frustration have been brewing over the undue management of the Hoima City mortuary by the authorities in charge of the facility.

As a result, the residents of Hoima City have been forced to speak out against the situation. They have attempted to engage the authorities, only to be met with failed promises and unfulfilled commitments. Therefore, the residents have resolved to take drastic actions, threatening to carry dead bodies to the Hoima City offices as a sign of their frustration.

Nevertheless, consensus-building strategies have been suggested, including constructive dialogue between the authorities and the residents. The importance of civic education and awareness-raising in addressing such issues cannot be overlooked. Without the active involvement of all stakeholders, the situation will persist, causing more harm than good.

In conclusion, it is urgent and vital to address the problem of the Hoima City mortuary’s poor management. We must collectively take responsibility and act to ensure that the facility is run efficiently and to restore the residents’ trust in their local authorities.

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