10-Year-Old Killed by Abandoned Electric Wires in Lyantonde

Lyantonde District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Gumisiriza Moses Abdallah and Babirye Dorothy, both residents of Buyaga Cell in Mpumude Sub-county, Lyantonde District, tragically lost their 10-year-old son, Davis Nyesiga, due to lethal electricity wires that were reportedly left hanging by unidentified UMEME staff.

According to the grieving parents, this heartbreaking incident occurred on October 8, 2023, when a UMEME employee allegedly left loose wires on a pole within the premises of Kabura Farmers Cooperative. They consider this negligence intolerable and are demanding UGX 2 billion in compensation from UMEME.

Efforts to obtain a comment from the administrators of Kabura Cooperative SAACO, where the incident took place, were unsuccessful, as the chairman’s phone calls went unanswered.

Represented by UMERU & Company Advocates, the parents, in a letter dated October 10, 2023, argue that had UMEME staff collected these wires, the tragic incident could have been prevented.

Hon. Enos Asiimwe Kinywamacunda, the Kabula County legislator, expressed his intention to bring the matter to the attention of the Minister of Energy and Minerals, but noted that she was currently out of the country. He pledged to pursue the case until justice is served.

Namara Generous Kabarongo, an advocate for Davis’s family in their quest for justice, highlighted the numerous lives lost due to UMEME’s negligence. She mentioned a young individual in Rwamabara Village, identified as Ibrah, who also fell victim to UMEME’s neglect.

Namara was dismayed that UMEME did not discuss compensation during Davis’s burial and later offered UGX 1.5 million, which the family rejected through their legal representatives, UMERU & Company Advocates. The family is adamant that justice, not just UGX 1.5 million but UGX 2 billion, is their sole priority.

Namara Generous Kabarongo, a well-known education advocate, leader, human rights defender, and environmentalist, has played a crucial role in assisting needy individuals, women, widows, and youth in Lyantonde District to find employment opportunities abroad, improving their living standards and those of their families. She is also recognized for her substantial contributions to local schools and churches, particularly in renovating their facilities for the betterment of the community.

The Office of the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Voices Its Concern

Jeremy Namanya, the Deputy RDC of Lyantonde District, extended heartfelt condolences to the family and stressed the need for justice in the wake of the Davis incident. He highlighted the ongoing investigations and promised to collaborate with UMEME and the family to understand the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

Namanya also cautioned residents to be vigilant, especially during the rainy season, advising them to regularly inspect their electrical connections, monitor wires and switches, and promptly contact qualified electricians in case of any damage.

Asiimwe Edward Ssanana, the Councilor of Buyaga Parish, shared the deep fear gripping his constituents following the incident. He expressed concerns about UMEME’s response to electricity emergencies, or the lack thereof, and called for government action against such “reckless” agencies.

UMEME Extends Condolences to the Bereaved Family

UMEME spokesperson Peter Kaujju, reached by Swift Daily News, expressed condolences to the family for their devastating loss and stated that the matter is under investigation. He acknowledged that it is always distressing to hear such tragic news and assured the family that, if investigations reveal UMEME’s involvement, they would take appropriate action to address the situation.

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