2 Rukungiri Councilors Suspended Over Media

Rukungiri District | The Black Examiner – During a council meeting at the Rukungiri municipal council hall, two councilors, Kijukuru Vianey representing Kitimba ward and Rubarondesa Innocent from Kinyasano ward, were suspended by Speaker Tumusiime Constance. They were accused of undermining the implementation of council resolutions by making defamatory statements against Rukungiri Municipal Mayor Charles Makulu on local radio stations within Rukungiri municipality.

The session began at 9:00 am and proceeded as usual until the speaker drew attention to Councilors Kijukuru Vianey and Rubarondesa Innocent. Vianey received a one-session suspension from council and committee meetings, while Innocent Rubarondesa was suspended for two sessions, effective from October 20, 2023.

In response to his suspension, Innocent Rubarondesa claimed that it was invalid and not in accordance with the law. He suggested that the municipal council speaker was acting under the influence of Mayor Charles Makulu, accusing her of being used to target councilors who did not align with the mayor’s interests.


Rubarondesa explained that their suspension stemmed from their concerns about the mayor’s alleged misuse of his office, particularly in awarding council tenders to himself, such as garbage collection, which they believed violated the local government act.

Kijukuru Vianey, the councilor representing Kitimba ward, also expressed his disappointment with the speaker. He alleged that the speaker was influenced by the mayor to push through questionable deals that hindered development in Rukungiri municipality. Vianey stated that the speaker had consistently favored the mayor’s interests, leaving little room for resolving issues before councilors were removed from their positions.

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Vianey affirmed his commitment to serving the people of Kitimba ward and resisting any pressure to assist the mayor in what he referred to as “dirty deals.”


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