2 Suspects Freed As Terror Threats Loom in Kampala

Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, addresses journalists in Kampala. PHOTO/ COURTESY

KAMPALA (UG) | The Black Examiner – In a press statement released today, the Ugandan police authorities have alerted the public to the ongoing seriousness of terrorism threats within the country. This revelation comes in the wake of a successful operation in which security forces recovered six Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) from various locations within the Kampala Metropolitan areas.

According to the statement issued by SCP Enanga Fred, the spokesperson for the police force, the IEDs were discovered in multiple locations, including Mabiito in Nateete, Ngobe – Bunamwaya, Miracle Centre, and Lungujja. The recovery of these explosive devices raises concerns about the potential risks posed to the public’s safety and security.

Out of the six individuals apprehended in connection with the IEDs, two have been released, while four remain in custody. The four detainees are believed to be closely linked to the bomb threats and are undergoing further investigation by the authorities. A manhunt is currently underway to locate and apprehend other potential suspects connected to the threats.


The Joint Anti-terrorism task team is leading the investigation into the bomb threats and is actively pursuing various lines of inquiry. Their primary objectives include determining whether the recovered IEDs are linked, understanding the methods employed in their preparation, and identifying any individuals responsible for instigating acts of terrorism.

In light of these developments, the authorities expressed their gratitude to the Joint Task Team for their dedicated efforts in ensuring the safety of the public in the Kampala Metropolitan area. They emphasized the nation’s unwavering resolve not to be intimidated by acts of terrorism and affirmed their commitment to defeating those who seek to harm Uganda’s peace and way of life.

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As the investigation into the conspiracy continues, the police urge all Ugandans and visitors in the country to remain vigilant. The use of IEDs by suspected ADF rebels poses a significant threat to the prevailing peace, safety, and security in Uganda. Authorities are encouraging the public to report any suspicious activity or information that may aid in thwarting potential threats.

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