28-Year-Old Woman Jailed for Life For Sacrificing Landlord’s Daughter


Jinja, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | In a verdict delivered by the High Court in Jinja City, a 28-year-old woman was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of her landlord’s 4-year-old daughter. The victim, Isabella Trinity Nakisuyi, was the child of Annet Nakisasi and John Mulodi, residents of Kakira Cell in Jinja District. Nakisuyi’s headless body was discovered in a sugarcane plantation in Kakira on September 30, 2021, while her head was found in Wanyange, both suburbs of Jinja District.

The gruesome murder led to the arrest of Felista Namaganda, her boyfriend, Pastor Joseph Sselubiri of Healing and Deliverance Church in Market Cell, Kakira Town Council in Jinja District, and Pastor Isma Buyinza Ssekabira, also known as Israel.

The trio faced two charges, including aggravated trafficking and murder. On August 2, Pastor Sselubiri was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and 30 years for child trafficking after pleading guilty, while Ms. Namaganda and Pastor Ssekabira alias Israel chose to stand trial.

After a lengthy trial, Pastor Sselubiri was acquitted, and Namaganda was found guilty of aggravated trafficking, resulting in a 30-year sentence, and murder, which earned her a life sentence. Both sentences will run concurrently.

Justice Winfred Nabisinde, the Jinja High Court Judge, delivered the verdict and stated, ‘I have considered the circumstances in which the deceased was trafficked from her home with the intent of sacrifice. I sentence you to 30 years for aggravated trafficking and life imprisonment for murder. You have the option to appeal the conviction and sentence within 14 days.’

In her defense, Namaganda denied any involvement in the sacrifice, claiming she was at her father’s shop on the fateful day.

State prosecutor Pamela Orogot had sought the death penalty for the convict, while defense lawyer Robert Esarait requested a 20-year sentence, citing Namaganda’s status as a parent of a young child in need of parental care.

Justice Nabisinde concluded her ruling by emphasizing the gravity of the murder and the vulnerability of the innocent child, stating, ‘The degree of murder was fatal. The deceased was an innocent little child, vulnerable; she could not defend herself. You, Namaganda, abused the trust the child had in you.'”

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