281 Drivers Arrested on Entebbe Expressway for Violations

Micheal Kananura, the Traffic Police Spokesperson.PHOTO/COURTESY

Kampala, Uganda | The Black Examiner – The police have apprehended 281 drivers for violations on the Entebbe Expressway. Numerous drivers have been disregarding the 100km/hr speed limit on the expressway, resulting in fatalities.

Micheal Kananura, the spokesperson for Traffic Police, explained that due to the challenge of deploying physical personnel, they have turned to using CCTVs to capture these disobedient drivers. The detained individuals, as per the police, are repeat offenders.

Kananura spoke alongside the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) and the Ministry of Health during the launch of the Fika Salama Extra operations on the expressway. These operations will focus on curbing drunk driving, primarily in Kampala Metropolitan areas and highways.

The Fika Salama Extra initiative will entail surprise checkpoints and, on occasion, the use of CCTVs to monitor driver conduct, a significant contributor to road accidents.

According to SP Kananura, “Traffic Police will conduct snap checks along dark spots on major highways depending on intelligence. We shall also use CCTV cameras to monitor & capture offenders. This information will be passed on to the officers at the Fika Salama Extra Check Points.”

Dr. Hasifa Lukwata from the Ministry of Health clarified that breathalyzers are now considered safe and do not contribute to the spread of Covid-19. The police had suspended alcohol testing using breathalyzers on the advice of the Ministry of Health to control the pandemic’s transmission.

Lukwata cautioned that any amount of alcohol can have adverse effects on the body, impacting the driver’s vision among other concerns.

Police have outlined that habitual offenders will face legal prosecution. Additionally, operators of PSV Motor Vehicles who breach this law will also be subject to legal action. Kananura emphasized, “Drivers that will fail to comply at the checkpoints will be blacklisted, tracked, and motor vehicles will be impounded.”

Traffic police records from the previous year highlight drunk driving as a significant factor in traffic accidents. This issue is not unique to Uganda, as it’s prevalent in various countries, as indicated in WHO’s 2018 report.


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