Abjine Media Group Expands To Kenya: A New Era of Journalism Unfolds

Abjine Media Group Expands To Kenya: A New Era of Journalism Unfolds
Busiinge Aggrey, CEO At Abjine Media Group During Press Conference at the company headquartres on August 1, 2023. PHOTO/ISIMA TUKAMUHABWA

HOIMA, August 2, 2023 – Abjine Media Group, a well-known Ugandan multimedia company, has set its sights on expanding its reach into neighboring Kenya by launching a new news website, “The Kenya Focus” (www.kenyafocus.co.ke). The move comes after the success of one of their flagship news brands, The Black Examiner (www.examiner.co.ug), which achieved remarkable growth and popularity in Uganda after just two years of publication.

Busiinge Aggrey, the CEO of Abjine Media Group, announced the ambitious plans during a recent press conference held at the company’s headquarters. He expressed his enthusiasm for venturing into the Kenyan media landscape, which he believes holds great potential for growth and impact.

“The success of The Black Examiner in Uganda has been incredible, and it has motivated us to explore new opportunities beyond our borders,” Aggrey stated. “We see Kenya as a dynamic and vibrant market with a thirst for quality journalism. By launching The Kenya Focus, we aim to deliver reliable news and engaging content that will cater to the interests of Kenyan readers.”

During the press conference, Emanuel Abenawe, Head of Human Resource at Abjine Media Group, extended an invitation to journalists, reporters, and editors who are willing to join the Kenyan side of the publication. The company is eager to assemble a talented and diverse team that can deliver a unique perspective on Kenyan news and affairs.

“The Kenya Focus will not just be a news website; it will be a platform for thought-provoking stories, in-depth analysis, and responsible journalism,” Abenawe emphasized. “We are looking for professionals who are passionate about reporting on the issues that matter most to the people of Kenya.”

The meeting to discuss the expansion plans and potential employment opportunities was held on August 1, 2023, at the Abjine Media Group headquarters.

“The Kenya Focus” (www.kenyafocus.co.ke) is slated to become a prominent online news destination, providing comprehensive coverage of national and international news, politics, business, technology, culture, and sports. Abjine Media Group intends to leverage its experience and expertise in the media industry to ensure that the new website becomes a reliable and influential source of information for Kenyan readers.

The launch of The Kenya Focus is expected to bridge the gap between Uganda and Kenya, fostering closer ties and facilitating a fruitful exchange of news and ideas between the neighboring countries.

As the media landscape in Kenya continues to evolve, Abjine Media Group’s entry into the market represents a significant development for media consumers and industry players alike. With their proven track record of success in Uganda, the company’s expansion holds the promise of a fresh perspective and a commitment to journalistic integrity.

About Abjine Media Group:
Abjine Media Group is a Ugandan multimedia company with a diverse portfolio of publications and platforms. Their flagship brand, The Black Examiner, has become one of Uganda’s most respected and widely read news outlets, known for its unbiased reporting and engaging content.

For media inquiries or employment opportunities, please contact the Head of Human Resource, Emanuel Abenawe, at support@abjinemedia.africa.

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