African Chief of Defence Forces Emphasizes the Importance of Peace Support Operations Training

The Chief of Defence Forces, General Wilson Mbasu Mbadi. PHOTO/X

The Chief of Defence Forces for Africa, General Wilson Mbasu Mbadi, has underscored the significance of preparing military forces through training for Peace Support Operations. General Mbadi emphasized that Africa’s ability to confidently manage its security architecture hinges on the readiness of its military forces in all forms of peace support operations.

Speaking at the closure of the 17th African Conference of Commandants under the theme, “Aligning Peace Support Operations Training in Africa to the Contemporary Security Scenarios,” General Mbadi expressed his concerns regarding the reliance on the military in peace support operations. He highlighted the need for these operations to involve military forces, diplomatic efforts, and humanitarian agencies working impartially to achieve long-term political settlements.

General Mbadi acknowledged that peace support operations often face the challenge of establishing peace before they can effectively maintain and support it. He stressed the importance of addressing this issue in conflict situations.

During the conference, the chairmanship of the association transitioned from Uganda to the State of Libya. General Mbadi praised the theme of the conference, given the global backdrop of new conflicts and civil unrest. He urged participants from various African countries to align the strategic outputs of the conference with Africa’s unique security environment, making them a powerful tool.

Outgoing chairman, Maj Gen George Igumba, thanked the delegates for their support during his tenure and their commitment to the vision of a united Africa. He encouraged his successor from Libya to develop a harmonized curriculum for African Command and Staff Colleges to elevate military standards, promote engagement with members, and facilitate cooperation through exchange programs and Combined Joint Military Exercises.

The incoming chairman of the association, Air Commodore Nouri Maghidr from the State of Libya, expressed gratitude for the confidence placed in his country to host future meetings. He acknowledged that the conference serves as a valuable platform for discussing important topics concerning the African continent.

The 17th African Conference of Commandants attracted delegates from various African countries, including Mauritania, Malawi, Kenya, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Cameroon, Botswana, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Burundi, and observers from the African Centre for Strategic Studies and the British Training Support Centre – Africa.

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