Arua Mother Detained for Tossing Infant into Toilet

Josephine Angucia, West Nile Police Spokesperson. PHOTO/FILE


  • A mother in Arua is arrested for allegedly throwing her 2-week-old daughter alive into a toilet, with the tragic incident attributed to the father’s abandonment, and she is now facing murder charges while the search continues for the man who assaulted her at a young age.

Arua police has arrested a mother who reportedly seized her daughter and tossed her into a toilet while still alive. The 16-year-old girl, residing in Ewanyapa cell, Ayivu West in Arua district, stands accused of the disturbing act.

On the night of Wednesday, she allegedly took her 2-week-old daughter and discarded her into the toilet. Subsequently, the community and police assembled to excavate the toilet, finding the lifeless body of the child. Stephen Buga, the village chairman, reported that the gruesome discovery was made by a passerby who had entered the toilet for personal reasons.

According to Buga, the girl claimed to have committed the act because the father of the child had abandoned her when she needed assistance. Presently, she is in custody at Arua Police Headquarters, facing charges of murdering her own child.

Josephine Angucia, West Nile Police Spokesperson, emphasized the need for parents to actively engage in educating their children to deter them from early marriage. Angucia disclosed that the girl will soon be brought to court on murder charges, while efforts are underway to locate the man who allegedly assaulted her at a young age.

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