Bell OBA Fest: Unforgettable Vibes at Jahazi Pier with Stellar Performances

The highly anticipated Bell OBA Fest delivered an unforgettable experience at Jahazi Pier, leaving its patrons with lasting memories.

This beer and music festival, which brings together diverse musical genres and cultures, thrilled the attendees last Sunday. The evening began with a captivating performance by Joshua Baraka, the singer of the hit “Nana,” which set the stage for an exciting night.

Baraka performed four songs, including his latest hit “Omukwano” and the beloved “Nana.” And what’s a festival without DJs? Several DJs, such as DJ Stuart, DJ Roja, and DJ Lynda Ddane, took the stage, creating a dynamic atmosphere with their diverse mixes.

Ugandan artists also played their part, providing value to the hundreds of revelers who had come to enjoy the event. Spice Diana, for instance, surprised the crowd by jumping into impromptu collaborations with other artists, even forgetting some of her own songs but delivering an energetic performance.

Bensoul’s performance, while musically pleasing, didn’t seem to resonate with the crowd. However, Nyashinski quickly brought back the excitement with hits like “Mungu Peke,” “Bebi Bebi,” and the beloved “Malaika,” getting everyone passionately singing along.

Nyashinski’s performance had the crowd in high spirits, and DJ Roja kept the energy going as he prepared the audience for the next set of artists. It was challenging to determine whether revelers preferred the DJ mixes or the artist performances, as they were equally eager to keep the party going.

Azawi, fresh from her Serena show, continued to impress with an engaging performance featuring songs like “My Year” and “Slow Dancing.”

Finally, the long-awaited headliner, Harmonize, took the stage amidst cheers and chants. He opened his set with “I’m Single” and continued to meet the high expectations of the audience with a captivating performance.

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