Bitature’s Shs 240.9 Billion Bailout Divides Parliament

Patrick Bitature. PHOTO/FILE

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | A heated debate is underway in Uganda’s Parliament over the proposed shillings 240.9 billion bailout for business magnate Patrick Bitature. The controversy has ignited passionate arguments among lawmakers, with some determined to block the bailout while others argue for its necessity.

The relief package, amounting to a substantial $66 million, was recently approved by the cabinet, sparking outrage and discussions within the legislative body. These funds are intended to provide financial support to Bitature, who is grappling with a $35 million debt owed to South African-based company Vantage Mezzanine.

The cabinet’s decision to greenlight this deal created shockwaves on social media platforms and fueled debates about the government’s priorities in offering financial assistance to struggling entities.

Feta Geoffrey, the representative of Ayivu County in the West Nile region, emerged as a vocal opponent of the bailout. He highlighted Bitature’s company, Electromaxx, failing to deliver electricity to the West Nile region, despite receiving regular payments. Geoffrey questioned the government’s favoritism, particularly given the struggles of ordinary tobacco farmers who are not receiving such financial support.

Maurice Kibalya of Bugabula South expressed concerns about the government’s preferential treatment of certain individuals and businesses, questioning the transparency of the bailout process.

However, there are legislators who support the proposed bailout, citing Bitature’s positive economic contributions, including job opportunities for many Ugandans.

The fate of Patrick Bitature’s bailout now hinges on Parliament’s deliberation of this divisive issue, as lawmakers remain deeply divided over the government’s financial aid to the struggling business tycoon.

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