Born-Again Pastor Flees Amidst Allegations of Cattle Theft for Church Construction

Michael Longole, the Mt Moroto Regional Police Spokesperson, confirmed the incident

Napak District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Simon Peter Mosing, the founder of the Church of Christ in Lorengecora Town Council, is currently evading authorities due to allegations of cattle theft used to finance the construction of his church.

Pastor Mosing went into hiding on September 17th, 2023, following the discovery that he was selling stolen cattle in Ongerepo village, Okulunyo sub-county, Katakwi district.

The pastor, along with several church members, reportedly raided cattle owned by Etuko Akol of Kaitakomoi village in Lorengecora sub-county on September 16th, 2023.

One of the suspects, Achop Lomongin, admitted that their intention was to pilfer cows and subsequently sell them to generate funds for erecting a permanent church edifice.

Francis Lochoro, the LC 3 chairperson of Lorengecora Town Council, led the team that apprehended Mosing and his accomplices while they were in the process of selling the stolen livestock in Ongerepo village on September 17th. Fortunately, the stolen animals were successfully recovered.

However, while returning home around 8:00 PM, Mosing ambushed Lochoro and made three attempts to shoot him. Fortunately, none of the shots caused any harm.

Lochoro revealed that the community responded promptly upon hearing the gunshots, which forced the suspect to drop his weapon and flee before eventually being apprehended.

Additionally, Lochoro disclosed that the pastor had a previous history of involvement in cattle raids but had supposedly reformed and became a pastor after his father was killed during a raid in Teso several years ago.

Michael Longole, the spokesperson for the Mt Moroto Regional Police, confirmed the incident and noted that joint security forces had initiated investigations.

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At present, one suspect is in custody at the UPDF military detachment, cooperating with authorities in uncovering further details regarding their cattle-raiding mission.

Longole emphasized that the initial report indicates that the pair stole cattle from grazing areas while the animals were under the supervision of children.

“As part of the security team, we are aware that a pastor was behind this criminal activity, and we have launched an extensive search for him. Once apprehended, he will be charged, irrespective of his religious affiliation,” Longole asserted.


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