Buliisa Police Stuck with 131 Suspected Stolen Cows

Buliisa District | The Black Examiner – The Buliisa district police find themselves in possession of 131 cattle believed to be stolen, currently held at the Buliisa central police station while awaiting proper identification.

According to Julius Allan Hakiza, the spokesperson for the Albertine region police, an incident unfolded on August 25, 2023. Police were alerted about the movement of cattle from the Bugungu game reserve. Responding swiftly, law enforcement launched an operation that led to the apprehension of an individual named John Ntayomba, who now remains in custody alongside 148 heads of cattle. Meanwhile, two other suspects managed to evade arrest.

One of the complainants, Jacklisi Kaahwa, residing in Kigwera village, Buliisa district, emerged. Initially, Kaahwa identified a mere two cattle among the seized lot. However, as the investigation progressed, an additional 17 cattle were rightfully claimed by their owner.

Currently, with proper identification still in progress, the remaining 131 cattle are being held by the police. This situation underscores the complexities surrounding the process of determining ownership and rightful claims to these cattle.

For updates on this developing situation, we will continue to provide information as it becomes available.


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